Milwaukee 4932352468 HSS-R Metal Drill Bit Set - 19pk

Product Code: 4932352468

£16.31 £13.59

The 4932352468 Set from Milwaukee includes 19 pieces of HSS-R Metal Drill Bits.

Features and Benefits:
• High speed steel rollforged metal drill bits produced according to DIN 338
• Oxide coating enables quick swarf removal
• Normal point shaped cutting tip with 118° angle
• Type N flute normal angle
• Suitable for drilling in steel, cast iron, alloyed and non-alloyed material up to 800 N/mm²

Kit includes:
1x 1mm x 34mm
1x 1.5mm x 40mm
1x 2mm x 49mm
1x 2.5mm x 57mm
1x 3mm x 61mm
1x 3.5mm x 70mm
1x 4mm x 75mm
1x 4.5mm x 80mm
1x 5mm x 86mm
1x 5.5mm x 93mm
1x 6mm x 93mm
1x 6.5mm x 101mm
1x 7mm x 109mm
1x 7.5mm x 109mm
1x 8mm x 117mm
1x 8.5mm x 117mm
1x 9mm x 125mm
1x 9.5mm x 125mm
1x 10mm x 133mm
1x - metal case

Buy Milwaukee 4932352468 HSS-R Metal Drill Bit Set - 19pk by Milwaukee for only £16.31
Part Number 4932352468
Warranty 1 Year Warranty
Brand Milwaukee
Drill Bit Application Metal
Pack size 19

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