Milwaukee 4932352470 HSS Ground Cobalt Drill Bits 19pk

Product Code: 4932352470

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Milwaukee 4932352470 HSS Ground Cobalt Drill Bits are ideal for drilling high alloy content steels and metals with tensile strengths over 1000N/mm² such as heat and acid proof steels and stainless steels. The split point shaped cutting tip with 135° angle gets rid of the need for centre punch as the split point improves centering. The metal drill bits are ground from solid and very heat resistant cobalt-alloyed high speed steel produced according to DIN 338 and has a polished finish.

High speed steel produced according to DIN 338
Cutting tip with 135° angle
5% Cobalt content

Supplied With
x1 1mm
x1 1.5mm
x1 2mm
x1 2.5mm
x1 3mm
x1 3.5mm
x1 4mm
x1 4.5mm
x1 5mm
x1 5.5mm
x1 6mm
x1 6.5mm
x1 7mm
x1 7.5mm
x1 8mm
x1 8.5mm
x1 9mm
x1 9.5mm
x1 10mm

Part Number 4932352470
Warranty 1 Year Warranty
Brand Milwaukee
Drill Bit Application Metal
Gender Unisex
Age Group 16+ y/o

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