Milwaukee 4932459072 Redstick Backbone 200cm Level

Product Code: 4932459072

£118.93 £99.11

The Milwaukee 4932459072 Redstick Backbone 200cm Level is ideal to use for a clear and accurate reading from any position due to the magnified vial technology. The new Sharpsite vials are moulded with high-impact polymer acrylic which protects the vial from worksite knocks and dropped tools.

The new Backbone technology which is an all-metal magnesium internal rip structure set in the centre of the level protects the vial and reinforces the frame and removes the common problem that you will find in other levels of it bending or breaking over time. The Backbone technology gives an industry-leading strength performance in all sizes of the Redstick box level range.

Features and Benefits

The ALL-METAL BACKBONE™ provides the strongest, most durable frame ensuring long-life accuracy.

SHARPSITE™ Vial Technology provides best-in-class readability with a magnified bubble and high-visibility vial spirit.

Lightweight construction

Longer life span than competitors


Length - 200cm

Colour - Red/White

Buy Milwaukee 4932459072 Redstick Backbone 200cm Level by Milwaukee for only £118.93
Part Number 4932459072
Display Weight (Kg) 2.1
Warranty 1 Year Warranty
Brand Milwaukee

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