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Milwaukee 4932464168 Shockwave Screwdriver - 62pk

Product Code: 4932464168

£47.48 £39.57 £49.98 Save £2.50
The Milwaukee 4932464168 Shockwave 62 Piece Bit Set is part of SHOCKWAVE™ Impact Duty™ accessory line - is not only ideal for heavy duty impact applications, but also delivers a full system solution for all the user's drilling and fastening needs.

The combination of the SHOCKZONE™ design and special heat treatment absorbs impacts and allows the bit to flex with spring like action. Compression forged tip provides the best fit with screw head, reducing cam out and stripping, resulting in outstanding lifetime. Milwaukee® custom metal formula makes the SHOCKWAVE™ bits more resistant to shock from impacting.

Kit includes:
2x - PH1 x 25mm
1x - PH1 x 50mm
4x - PH2 x 25mm
2x - PH2 x 50mm
1x - PH2 x 90mm
1x - PH3 x 25mm
3x - PZ1 x 25mm
2x - PZ1 x 50mm
1x - PZ1 x 90mm
4x - PZ2 x 25mm
2x - PZ2 x 50mm
1x - PZ2 x 90mm
2x - PZ3 x 25mm
1x - PZ3 x 50mm
2x - TX15 x 25mm
2x - TX15 x 50mm
1x - TX15 x 90mm
2x - TX20 x 25mm
2x - TX20 x 50mm
2x - TX25 x 25mm
2x - TX25 x 50mm
1x - TX25 x 90mm
2x - TX30 x 25mm
2x - TX30 x 50mm
1x - TX30 x 90mm
1x - Hex 4mm x 25mm
1x - Hex 5mm x 25mm
1x - 60mm 1/4" hex
1x - 152mm 1/4" hex
1x - 3mm x 65mm Red Hex
2x - 4mm x 71.5mm Red Hex
2x - 5mm x 93mm Red Hex
1x - 6mm x 105mm Red Hex
1x - 7mm x 109mm Red Hex
1x - 19mm 1/2" drive
1x - 21mm 1/2" drive
1x - Hex 7mm x 48mm
1x - Hex 8mm x 48mm
1x - Hex 10mm x 48mm
1x - plastic case
Part Number 4932464168
Warranty 1 Year Warranty
Brand Milwaukee
Shank Size 1/4"
Pack size 62

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