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Milwaukee 49224152 14 Piece Holedozer Bi-Metal Holesaws

Product Code: 49224152

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The Milwaukee 49224152 14 Piece Holedozer Holesaws are available in 4-6 teeth per inch tooth design which provides faster and more aggressive cuts due to the tooth aggressive geometry and good chip clearance. The toothed area of the holesaw is engineered with Matrix II steel which contains 8% cobalt which allows the teeth to retain to their original tooths hardness even at high working temperatures during metal cutting applications. The holesaws are ideal for cutting hard and difficult materials such as acid resistant steels, stainless steel and softer materials such as wood. The holes will not enlarge over time due to their thick steel.

The holesaws are the perfect solution for cutting a variety of materials from steel up to 1000 N/mm² strength, stainless steel, acid resistant steel, non-ferrous metals, cast iron, wood and medium density. The holesaws can also cut medium densed materials such as fibreboard, gypsum plasterboard, sandwich materials, PVC and can be used in pillar drills (manual feed only) and in hand.

Features and Benefits:
Faster and more aggressive cutting
Improved heat dispersion during cutting ensures that the teeth stay sharper for longer
Deeper curved gullets, which provide more efficient chip clearance preventing clogging and heat build up
Special shaped tooth angle with less tendency to snag on thinner materials
Alternate side set teeth to minimise binding and friction
Bi-Metal construction - High speed steel teeth are laser welded onto a high alloy steel body
Vacuum hardened teeth (to 65 HRC) at a temperature of 600°C to give maximum durability and life time
Ideal for cutting hard materials such as stainless steel and acid resistant steels as well as softer materials like wood.
1.27mm thick steel holesaw body is rigid to retain its shape but also has built in elasticity
Thick backs add strength and rigidity minimising vibrations
4 drive pin holes for easier arbour location
Perfectly manufactured round back plate, especially important for the larger diameter holesaws.
Diagonal slots aid the removal and ejection of the cores

Supplied With:
Robust plastic case.
Holesaws 19, 22, 25, 29, 32, 35, 38, 44, 51, 57mm.
Arbor - for holesaws 14 - 30mm
Arbor - for holesaws 32 - 152mm
x2 pilot drills.
3mm Allen key
Part Number 49224152
Display Weight (Kg) 2.1
Warranty 1 Year Warranty
Brand Milwaukee

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