Vauxhall Bonnet, Boot & Tailgate Gas Struts

Buy new Vauxhall tailgate struts, boot struts and bonnet gas struts made in the UK, covered by a 2 year warranty and delivered next day. When ordering please match the part number printed on the side of your old gas strut to ensure you order the correct strut. You can read about finding your part number here, or alternatively call our friendly sales team on 01332 576 850 for assistance.

About Vauxhall

“Forward Thinking” has always been the Vauxhall’s mantra, a ceaseless quest for excellence, a determination to make each car better than the last and a knowledge that the best is yet to come. The company began life in 1887 as an ironworks to produce marine engines. In the Y-Type, Y1 was a great success at the 1908 RAC & Scottish 2000 Mile Reliability Trials; from this the outstanding A Type Vauxhall was developed. General Motors bought the company in 1925 and owns the company to date. The Cadet model was launched, which was the first British car to have a synchromesh gearbox. Bedford Vehicles was established alongside Vauxhall in the 1930s, and continues to produce vans today. The Opel model, produced in Germany, was popular in Europe in the 1970s. Current automobile ranges include the Astra, Meriva and Zafira which focus on style and everyday usability.

Help Centre

We recommend finding the part number printed on the side of your old gas strut to ensure you order the correct struts for your car. If your gas strut doesn’t have a part number or you would like assistance selecting a new gas strut for your vehicle please email our sales team or call 01332 576 850 Mon-Sat, 8am to 5pm.

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