Einhell 125W Whetstone Sharpening System

Product Code: 4418008

£94.96 £79.13
The Einhell Wet Grinder TC-WG 200 is designed for sharpening tools without causing damage to the workpiece. It features a unique water supply system that slowly provides water to the cutting edge during sanding. This helps to prevent frictional heat buildup and annealing of the disc, ensuring precise sharpening without compromising the integrity of the workpiece. This versatile device allows for the sanding of a wide variety of tools, providing flexibility for various sharpening needs. The built-in corrosion-free water tank serves to cool the workpiece during operation, enhancing safety and preventing overheating. Included with the wet grinder is an angle gauge for easily adjusting the sanding angle to achieve optimal results. The sanding wheel can be prepared with the grindstone, and the wet grinder comes with a slow-running, fine-grained wet sanding wheel and a leather sanding wheel for removing burrs. To ensure stability and minimize vibrations during use, the wet grinder is equipped with four rubber feet that provide a firm and secure standing. With its comprehensive features and accessories, the Einhell Wet Grinder TC-WG 200 is an ideal tool for achieving precise and professional sharpening results.
Part Number 4418008
Display Weight (Kg) 7.866
Warranty 3 Year Warranty
Brand Einhell
Voltage 230V
Gender Unisex

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