Einhell 250W Wet and Dry Bench Grinder

Product Code: 4417242

£70.96 £59.13
The Einhell TC-WD 200/150 wet-dry grinder offers a versatile solution for both wet and dry grinding and sanding tasks, making it an essential tool for DIY enthusiasts. Whether you need to sharpen blades, drill bits, scissors, or knives, this grinder has you covered. Constructed with a robust and compact metal build, this grinder ensures durability and a long service life. The large water tank, made from corrosion-resistant material, provides ample water supply for wet grinding tasks, enhancing performance and preventing overheating. Adjustable work supports allow for a wide range of applications, while the ball bearing mounted shaft with zero play ensures precise results with every use. Safety features include a spark guard window that can be adjusted without tools, along with guard hoods that are closed at the sides to prevent accidents. To minimize vibrations and ensure stability during operation, the grinder is equipped with four rubber feet that provide a secure and steady standing position. The product comes complete with a coarse grinding/sanding wheel and a slow-speed, fine-grained wet grinding/sanding wheel, providing everything you need for various grinding and sanding tasks.
Part Number 4417242
Display Weight (Kg) 8.442
Warranty 3 Year Warranty
Brand Einhell
Voltage 230V
Gender Unisex

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