Einhell PXC 36V (2x18v) Cordless Brushless Mower, 47cm Cutting Width, 4x 4.0Ah - Steel Deck

Product Code: 3413200

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The Einhell Professional GP-CM 36/47 S HW Li Cordless Lawn Mower elevates garden maintenance to a delightful experience, offering hassle-free operation and impeccable results. With no cords to contend with, users can seamlessly tackle grassed areas and edge strips without the inconvenience of tangled cables or laborious start-up procedures. Powered by the efficient brushless electric motor, this mower draws its energy from two robust system batteries, each boasting 18V and 4.0 Ah capacity, courtesy of the Power X-Change battery system. The battery charge level indicator, featuring three LEDs, provides clear and instant feedback on the remaining battery life, ensuring uninterrupted operation. Additionally, the rechargeable batteries are compatible with all products within the Einhell system series, enhancing versatility. Equipped with two system twinchargers, quick charging is facilitated, ensuring minimal downtime. The inclusion of four batteries and double twin pack technology allows for extended mowing sessions without the need for frequent recharging. Designed for lawns up to 700m², the mower delivers perfect cutting results every time, thanks to the Einhell Vortex Technology Deck and six-position single lever height adjustment. For user convenience, the mower features a practical handle with a cleaning and space-saving storage position. The folding long handle, complemented by Softgrip, offers three adjustable height levels, ensuring comfortable and fatigue-free operation. As a high wheeler with ball-bearing mounted wheels and a generous cutting width of 47 cm, it effortlessly navigates challenging terrain. The variable wheel drive further enhances maneuverability. The side ejector function and deflector for rear ejection ensure optimal handling of cuttings, minimizing interference during mowing. The spacious grass catch basket, boasting a 75-liter volume and equipped with a level indicator and two handles, facilitates convenient emptying. Additionally, the mower features a practical mulch adapter for mulching functionality and includes a scraper for easy cleaning in the maintenance position.
Part Number 3413200
Display Weight (Kg) 30.861
Warranty 3 Year Warranty
Brand Einhell
Voltage 36V

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