Evolution Premium Diamond Blade 255mm (10")

Product Code: PD255SEG-CS

£28.90 £24.08

The toughest cutting jobs require the toughest tools, and Evolutions Premium Diamond Disc Cutter Blade is impregnated with even more diamond to provide a cutting surface that will deliver cut after cut in the toughest working conditions.

Our hardest working Premium Diamond disc cutter blades, last longer and cut quicker than the general-purpose version. In the cost vs lifetime equation, there’s no contest.

Compatible with the R255DCT Concrete Cutting Saw

Hot pressed and higher diamond concentration delivers 10% faster cutting and longer life than our general purpose diamond blade. 
Engineered for aggressive cutting on both hard and abrasive masonry, hard brick, block, roof tile, pavers, stone, concrete, and steel re-enforced concrete.
Ideal for professional landscapers and masons.

Dia. Ø: 255mm

Max. Speed: 6000 RPM

Bore / Arbor Ø: 22.2mm

Rim: Segmented

Base Thickness: 2mm

Segment / Tooth Thickness: 2.5mm

Segment / Tooth Height: 10

Segment / Tooth Quantity: 18

Part Number PD255SEG-CS
Warranty 1 Year Warranty
Brand Evolution
Blade Diameter 254 mm

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