Evolution R300DCT Electric Disc Cutter 300mm (Base Specification) - 230V

Product Code: 012-0001

£239.99 £199.99

Huge Cut Capacity. The all-new Evolution 300mm /12-inch concrete cutting saw can cut up to 115mm /4-1/2 inch deep! That’s more capacity than most leading petrol-powered saws.
High Torque Motor. Delivers consistent peak power and prevents the machine from stalling under heavy-load.
Electronic brake Safety counts and that’s why all our new DCT Electric Disc Cutters feature an advanced electronic brake control for the disc
Low Maintenance vs petrol-powered saws. No pull chords, no petrol and no servicing, saves you time and money.
Steel Front Handle. With rubber over-mould gives the user total control and lives up to the toughest jobs. The full wrap-around design makes it easy to make a cut at any angle.
Large Blade Coverage & Built-in Dust Port. With rubber cap for easy vacuum attachment, and protects the user from flying debris and optimises dust suppression and collection.
Ergonomic Handle & Trigger. With rubber over-mould improves tool control and reduces user fatigue.
Low Vibrations. The smooth yet powerful electric motor makes for easy operation and can be safely used for long periods of time. Plus there are no harmful fumes emitted making it safer to use.
Balanced Weight. Optimised balance and even weight distribution puts the centre of gravity squarely between the handles for effortless use of the machine. Great for prolonged use.
Adjustable Blade Guard. With single-handed operation allows for quick adjustments while holding the tool and keeping your hand away from the blade.
Wheeled Skid Plate. Makes straight cuts at ground level effortless, and the metal skid plate protects the tool and lifts the blade off the ground so it can be put down with the blade spinning.
On-board Tool Storage. One multi-tool for all machine adjustments with dedicated onboard storage.

Part Number 012-0001
Warranty 3 Year Warranty
Brand Evolution
Voltage 230V
Power Source 230V - Corded
Blade Diameter 300 mm
Gender Unisex

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