SGS 52cc 5in1 Multi Tool Garden Set: Chainsaw Trimmer Strimmer Brush Cutter With Oil

Product Code: GPM501O

£198.97 £165.81

This bundle includes GPM501 5in1 Garden multi tool and 1 Litre bottle of Premium Grade 2 Stroke Oil.

For a versatile multi-tool which can make light work of a number of tough gardening jobs, look no further than our fantastic 5 in 1 petrol cutting tool. Not only does this offer you a choice in applications, its dynamic and durable 52cc 2-stroke engine provides you with the power you need to always get the job done.

Four Applications
You can enjoy four cutting tools including a chainsaw, trimmer, brush cutter and hedge trimmer. To complete the set we also include a long reach pole, ensuring you can get to those high and difficult to reach branches and hedge tops without the need for a step ladder. With this tool you can take on your whole garden, from sorting out your grassy edges with the trimmer, to trimming bushes and roots with the brush cutter, to pruning your hedges and bushes with the hedge trimmer and finally tackling the tougher, thicker branches with the chainsaw.

Long reach hedge trimmer
Hardened steel two-edge blade
Blade length: 450mm
10 different adjustment angles
Cutter drive: spur gear
Lubricant Lithium based grease
Assembly length: 1700mm
Includes blade covers

Long reach pruning saw:
Perfect for pruning trees
Guide bar: 12", 3/8" pitch. 043" gauge
Sprockets: 3/8" inch, fixed spur
Chain speed: 23.5m/sec @ 10,000 min-1
Lubrication: automatic adjustable oiler
Easy adjust chain with adjustment screw and lock nut
Includes cover

Get the perfect edge on your lawn
Cutting diameter: 40cm
Line material: nylon, 2.4mm diameter 2.4m long
Handle: 'D' loop handle

Brush cutter:
Useful for tougher weeds and brambles
Simply replaces the strimmer line
Metal T3 pronged blade

Extension pole:
Add another 745mm in length
Makes pruning trees and maintaining hedges much easier

Accessories included:
Adjustable carrying strap with shoulder pad
Mixing tank 600ml
Multifunction spark plug wrench
Allen keys
Reversible head screwdriver

Also included SO2STROKE bottle of oil - effective and reliable lubrication for two stroke engines. Provide superb protection against the scourge of modern engines - the formation of black sludge, improved protection against piston deposits and improved anti-wear protection for valve train components.

Fuel mix: 40 parts petrol to 1 part oil (40:1)

Some assembly required. The product includes a comprehensive manual and we have many online guides to assist setup and use of this tool.

This product comes with 3 year extended warranty.

Part Number GPM501O
Display Weight (Kg) 8
Warranty 3 Year Warranty
Brand SGS
Power Source Petrol 2-Stroke Engine
Engine Displacement 52cc
Engine HP 1.6 HP
Battery Included No
Tank Size 1.2 Litres
Assembly Required Yes
Sound Level 112 dB

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