NitroLift GSV20-350 Adjustable Force Gas Strut

Product Code: GSV20-350
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Body Length (mm)461
MaterialNitride Plated Steel
Net Weight (kg)0.50
Strut MaterialNitride Plated Steel
StrutTypeAdjustable Force
Warranty2 Year Warranty

The NitroLift GSV20-350 Adjustable Force Gas Strut is the undisputed king of force in the GSV20 series, offering unmatched pushing and pulling power with the benefit of on-site adjustability. Here's a closer look at its strengths and ideal uses:

Unmatched Strength and Adjustable Force:

  • Superior Durability: This gas strut features a nitride plated piston rod for superior strength and corrosion resistance, while the epoxy paint treated cylinder offers additional protection against harsh environments, making it suitable for even the most demanding applications.

  • Unbeatable Pushing/Pulling Force (Up to 5000N): A defining feature is the ability to fine-tune the force while the strut is already installed, eliminating the need for pre-calculations and ensuring a perfect match for your application. With a maximum force rating of 5,000 Newtons (N), it boasts the greatest pushing/pulling capability among all the NitroLift gas struts mentioned, making it ideal for the most heavy-duty tasks.

User-Friendly Design and Easy Installation:

  • Simple Control and Maintenance-Free: The strut allows for easy positional control and is self-contained, requiring no maintenance.

  • Adjustable on-the-Spot: The adjustable force feature makes it convenient to customize the operation without removing the strut, saving time and effort during setup.

2-Year Warranty: NitroLift backs this gas strut with a 2-year warranty, demonstrating their confidence in its exceptional quality and lasting performance.


2 Year Warranty

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