NitroLift GSV8-300 Adjustable Force Gas Strut

Product Code: GSV8-300
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Body Length (mm)350
MaterialNitride Plated Steel
Net Weight (kg)0.34
Strut MaterialNitride Plated Steel
StrutTypeAdjustable Force
Warranty2 Year Warranty

The NitroLift GSV8-300 Adjustable Force Gas Strut is the long-reach champion within the GSV8 series, offering exceptional travel distance in a moderately compact design. Here's a breakdown of its key features:

  • Impressive Reach with Balanced Footprint: This gas strut provides a well-sized design. Its 8mm diameter piston rod and 18mm cylinder diameter make it slightly larger than the GSV6 series but still considerably smaller than the GSV14 series. However, it boasts a remarkable stroke length of 300mm and extended length of 650mm, delivering the most travel distance among all NitroLift gas struts mentioned.

  • Adjustable Force: You can fine-tune the lifting or pushing force within a range of 50 Newtons (N) to 700 Newtons (N) to perfectly match your specific requirements. This adjustability range is the same as other GSV8 models and caters to lighter-duty applications compared to the GSV14 series.

  • Durable Construction: Built to endure demanding environments, this gas strut features a nitride plated piston rod for enhanced strength and corrosion resistance. The epoxy paint treated cylinder provides additional protection against external elements.

  • Easy Adjustability: A built-in valve allows you to adjust the force as needed by releasing gas and lowering the pressure within the strut. Refer to NitroLift's instructions for specific details.

  • Smaller Thread Size: The M6 x 1.0 threads are suitable for lighter-duty mounting hardware compared to the GSV14 series.


2 Year Warranty

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