Car Inspection Creepers: Ensuring You’re Safe

Anytime you decide that it’s necessary to take your creeper and get underneath a car – or any other vehicle for that matter – there’s no getting around the fact that it’s a dangerous task. Because of the severity of the task, we thought it would be best to create this guide that explores how to use a creeper safely and how to minimise any risk when you’re under a vehicle. So whether you’re a novice or you’d consider yourself a master mechanic, read through these essential safety guidelines and protect yourself against any potential issues.

What Are Creepers?

creeper diagram Before we actually get to the point where you need safety tips, first, we should probably explain what a creeper is. Unless you’re a working mechanic or you’ve seriously interested in cars, it’s unlikely that you’ll have heard of them before. If you do know what creepers are, it’s fine to skip this brief introduction and go straight onto the safety tips. A creeper is essentially a small low platform on wheels that you can comfortably lay down on and roll under your car once it is lifted enough. Creepers come in a number of configurations, from simple and straightforward flat models, to adjustable ones with folding headrests, to creepers where the entire body is contoured for comfort. Some creepers even include extra features such as an attached LED light which can be positioned to provide you extra light under the vehicle you’re working on, allowing you to do a better job. Ultimately, the creeper is the perfect tool to help you get under a vehicle comfortably – browse our creeper selection under our ‘Garage Equipment’ tab. So now you know what a creeper is, we can explore the safety tips necessary to get under a car successfully and with minimum risk.

Is The Car Secure?

jack It’s likely that you’ll be using some kind of trolley jack to lift up the car unless you’re working from a pit, and so the first thing you need to do before you prepare to get under the car is ensure the jack is well-secured.

If you have to, purchase a stronger jack from our selection – we can potentially have it at your door the next day- click here  to see our huge range of jacking equipment.

Are You Dressed Appropriately?

PPE banner After you’ve made sure the vehicle is steadfast, your preparation doesn’t end there. You next need to consider what you’re wearing, and whether you’re doing all you can to protect yourself. Thick, heavy-duty, full-length clothing, safety glasses and hard boots should be worn at all times, and you should even consider wearing a mask to prevent anything from the underside of the car falling into your mouth.

Additional Resources

Finally, the last thing to check before you get under the car is to ensure you have all the tools set out in an appropriate place so that you can easily reach for them when you’re on your creeper. A light is essential for checking obscured sections of a car’s underside in detail, and you combine the two thanks to the creepers we sell that come with attached LED lights. So there you have it: everything you need to consider if you’re about to inspect a car on a creeper. Follow the above advice and you’ll be as safe as you can be.


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