Generator Joy: Finding the Perfect Option for Your Voyage

If you are planning on going on a road trip in a car, with a towed caravan, or in a motorhome and that may include some camping element to it, you will invariably find that these days you will have a lot of gear that will need to be powered.

The creature comforts, facilities and devices that require power which we, as a society, have gotten accustomed to have now become almost a necessity to ensure that our trips and travels are enjoyable, and that our needs can be fully catered for. So what can you do to make sure you have the power you need on your voyage, whatever the distance and situation?

Here at SGS Engineering we have an excellent range of portable Generators as well as the handy cables and plugs which go with these that can provide for your nomadic energy needs. What follows are some recommended models to suit some of these different types of trips, have a look through to see which suits you:

Caravans and Motorhomes

When caravanning or driving a motorhome if you choose to stay in a campsite you will probably have some power and water hook-ups, although you should be aware that this isn’t always the case. Caravans and motorhomes are popular because they are more comfortable than a tent and are essentially a secure house on wheels. They do however, require a lot of juice to power anything from, lights, heating, hot-water to sockets and all-manner of electrical devices so a more gutsy and robust model to accommodate for this would be appropriate, like the 4.0 kVA Heavy Duty Portable Petrol Generator.

On top of this, those who have been at such campsites before will know that it isn’t just your caravan or motorhome that will need powering, more often than not you will have an awning or gazebo attached and the area surrounding your caravan or motorhome becomes like your own little tribe. A manoeuvrable generator such as this can be moved around on its wheels and also be used to power units in this area like outdoor lighting, cooking facilities and (if allowed on-site) music or media devices - with a final advantage being this powerful unit is a reliable back-up source if the campsite power goes down.

Camping in Tents

If you want to rough it a little bit more on your voyage and camp along the way, you will have similar energy needs to your mobile-home counterparts albeit on a more modest scale. You will still need a reasonable amount of power though for your cooking, lighting and heating facilities, as well as something that is compact enough to comfortably fit inside your tent.

The SGS 1000W Portable Petrol Inverter Generator is the perfect choice thanks to its small, more lightweight size and its ability to provide clean electrical power if and when you need it, while at the same time keeping the noise levels down – you’ll be able to almost feel the envy coming from your neighbours’ tents when you’re basking in the glory of your generator and they’re struggling to light their gas stove.

Car Travel

We can’t all afford the luxury of a caravan, motorhome or campsite and you may decide to take a more cost-effective journey in your vehicle itself. The longer journeys in particular will need to be broken up and during these stops you may well need to power something that the car cigarette lighter alone simply cannot manage.

Another smaller model would again be ideal for this, something like the Honda Eu10i 1000w Portable Petrol Inverter Generator which at only 13kg is ideal for your car and still delivers the power you need – just make sure you use it safely and appropriately in and around your vehicle. This is also a good choice for those workaholics who can’t get away from their laptops even when on holiday, or to power an in-car DVD or media device to ease the boredom of the extensive journeys.

So there’s no need to pull the plug on your travel plans and prospective voyages as at SGS Engineering we have all of your energy needs covered with our top-quality generators.