Ordering The Correct Gas Strut for Your Camper/Recreational Vehicle

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If you're the owner of a camper van then you will know just how much you rely on the gas struts for lifting, lowering and adjusting of the various tailgates, van roofs and bonnets found on every camper van. It can be incredibly frustrating and even unsafe when camper van gas struts begin to lose their strength. This means that you need to find the right replacement as soon as possible so that you can continue to use the vehicle as intended and with confidence.


With all the information available online, ordering the correct gas strut can seem a daunting task. With these few tips, we can have you back on the road and enjoying your vehicle in no time! Whether you have a vintage Westfalia, a modern T5, or your pride and joy is an eye catching Devon, we have the strut for you.



Replacing your gas strut


As we know, the makeup of these vehicles can be unique and varied, however ordering the correct strut is simple. We offer over 30 struts for campers and RV’s, and as we manufacture our struts here in the UK, we can always make the strut to suit your needs.


gas strut part numbers

Speakers, bike racks, spare wheels, and more will dictate the force you need in your strut. You may find that you match your part number (located on the cylinder of your strut) straight away, or have read advice in an enthusiasts forum telling you which strut you need. This may not necessarily be the correct strut for you.


Given the varying design of these vehicles, and the weights and dimensions of your own personal additions/ upgrades, we have created a quick and simple process to ensure you are not left with weak, under performing struts for your camper van or RV. Before placing your order, simply call one of our specialists on 01332 576 850, or complete the form below, adding your comments. This quick and efficient process will ensure you are delivered the correct item with the minimum of fuss.



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Re-gassing your gas strut



You can make significant savings by re-pressurising your old, weak gas struts rather than purchasing new ones. Here at SGS, we’re the only company in the UK to offer a gas strut re-gassing service. We have developed a unique strut re-gassing service that caters for virtually any gas strut. While costing a fraction of the price of new struts. It’s ideal for gas struts that have lost pressure, are no longer manufactured or cannot be found.



In nearly all cases, we can select the correct strut on the same day, and ship for delivery on the next working day, with UK service and two year warranty. Please have the part number of your strut ready. If you don't have this available, we can take a few simple measurements and have you back on the road in no time!