Chainsaw Service and Care Advice

Chainsaw Service and Care Advice


An SGS chainsaw is designed to give you years of consistent performance, however if you want to get the longest possible lifespan out of your chainsaw, you should keep on top of the maintenance. To get the most out of your your garden tool, you need to know how to service a chainsaw. We’ve put together a quick how-to guide for keeping your saw as safe and powerful as they day you bought it.


Tensioning Your Chain


The first part of your chainsaw service is to make sure your chain is correctly tensioned. This is really important for a couple of reasons; if the chain is too slack it can actually jump off the guide bar, possibly causing damage to the saw or the operator. If the chain is too tight you might prematurely wear your guide bar.


  • Always let a chain cool properly before you try and adjust it
  • A properly tensioned chain should not hang under the guide bar
  • The correct tension is when the chain does not hang off the bar however you can still pull it around by hand


chainsaw maintenance

1. When tensioning the chain the guide bar needs to be pulled upwards to simulate the tension created when cutting.

2. To ensure the chain fits correctly on the chain bar, pull gently up and down and adjust tension screw until the chain can barely be moved away from the chain bar.


Maintaining Your Chainsaw Bar:


A chainsaw bar is a consumable part, however if your bar appears to be degrading very quickly, it’s normally down to incorrect chain tensioning, poor lubrication or improper working techniques. Normally the underside of the bar is the first part to wear as this is where most of the cutting is done.




Time to replace the bar:


Check the bar of the saw regularly for burr marks and general wear and tear. You should replace the bar when; the bar groove is not deep enough to hold the drive link or the chain is not held straight in the groove.


New Bars for your Chainsaw


New Bars for your Chainsaw

You can purchase new SGS and Oregon bars in our Spares and Accessories section. You shouldn’t have to swap out the bar very often, however eventually even the toughest bars need a replacement. As always, free next day delivery is available on all orders over £100 (UK mainland).



Keeping Your Chain Lubricated


One of the biggest causes a premature wearing is inadequate chain lubrication. All of our chainsaws are self lubricating, but it is important you check that the oil is coming through the system properly.


We suggest topping up your lubricating oil every time you refuel the saw.


How to check your saw is properly lubricated:


  • Start your chain saw
  • Hold the saw over a stump and rev the engine
  • If you have an oily line left on the stump your chain is properly lubricated


Chain Oil and 2-Stroke Oil


 Chain Oil and 2-Stroke Oil

You can purchase high quality chain lubricating oil from our website. You should be topping the oil up fairly often so you might go through a fair amount of lubricating oil. This is well worth doing to keep your chainsaw in tip, top working condition.





Sharpening your Chainsaw Chain


Sharpening your Chainsaw Chain

Keeping a sharp and healthy chain is essential maintenance for any owner and key for keeping your chainsaw in good working order. We’ve got a separate in depth chain sharpening guide showing you how to correctly sharpen a chair with the toolkit provided with your chainsaw.



Consumable Parts


Consumable Parts

Regardless of how well kept your chainsaw is, you will eventually have to purchase a new chain and bar. Chain and 2-stroke oil will also need periodically replacing depending on your usage. We keep a comprehensive stock of spare and consumable parts for the SGS chainsaws, so you can always keep your saw working and performing safely.




Still need help?


still need help

Our in house experts are always on hand for buying advice and to provide bespoke care, regardless of the application.

Call SGS on 01332 576 850 or fill out our contact form today.



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