Buying Chainsaws: How to Choose the Best Chainsaw for the Job

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If you’ve decided that a chainsaw is the tool that you need for your next job, you might have had a look at the information and products available online. You’ve probably very quickly realised that there is a whole host of different types of products and a variety of information out there – so much so that it can be quite confusing. So, we at SGS decided to write you a definitive guide to buying a chainsaw.


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62cc Petrol Chainsaw


62cc petrol chainsaw

Our new powerful Chainsaw is powered by 62cc 2-stroke petrol engine. This chainsaw is well equipped to tackle more demanding logging and cutting tasks. It boasts a heavy duty designed and an electronic ignition on the engine. When it comes to usability, the excellent performance, two-handed grip, light weight and wrap-around handle allow you to work in a more controlled and accurate manner.



58cc Petrol Chainsaw


58cc Petrol Chainsaw

Many protective features come as standard with this chainsaw, ensuring that you are safe. Features such as easy start – thanks to the NGK spark plugs we use for reliable ignition – anti-kickback and an anti-vibration handle, as well as the two handed grip and wrap around handle provide safe control. Equally, this chainsaw is covered by CE standards so you can count on mechanical safety.



45cc Petrol Chainsaw


 45cc Petrol Chainsaw

Introducing the powerful Chainsaw powered by 45cc 2-stroke petrol engine - delivers power for light and medium cutting duties. It can be used for cross cutting, felling and cutting firewood. Engine has electronic ignition. Features include automatic and adjustable chain lubrication, a double acting chain brake, anti-vibration mountings and a primer pump. The air filter system ensures long filter life.



Can I Use a Chainsaw?


You don’t need a license or to have training to buy or use a chainsaw. However, if you don’t feel very confident about using one, there are training courses that you can go on. We have a couple of handy how-to guides to get you started including; How to Set Up Your Chainsaw, How to Limb a Tree and How to Cut Down a Tree.


Some chainsaws can be heavy, so it's worth checking the unit weight before you make your purchase. Here at SGS we have petrol chainsaws weighing 3 - 6kg, for maximum maoverability and are lightweight enough for most users.


Safety should always come first when using a chainsaw, so you should have safety clothing and equipment, including a helmet, safety glasses, ear defenders and specialist chainsaw gloves and trousers, as well as steel toe-capped boots.


Once you’ve bought your chainsaw, you will have to maintain it, doing things like topping up chain oil and sharpening the teeth.


Useful how-tos:



Your Requirements


Before you buy a chainsaw, you need to think about the type of work that you’ll be doing, how often you’ll be using it, and your power source. If you’re occasionally cutting overhanging tree branches then you can go for a lighter use chainsaw with a smaller engine, but if you want to regularly chop firewood then you’ll be in need of something with a bigger engine, such as the 62cc 20" Petrol Chainsaw.


The type of wood that you’ll be cutting should also be a consideration, as hardwoods will need a more powerful saw.


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Chainsaw Power


There are two types of chainsaws: petrol and electric.


Petrol saws, as a rule, are more portable than electric saws, as they don’t require access to mains electricity or rely on a lithium battery. However, you will need a ready supply of petrol.  They will need regular maintenance, such as engine servicing, sharpening the cutting teeth, and keeping the chain tension. They are heavier, so you should be conscious of the weight. Petrol chainsaws are noisy, and give off petrol fumes. Despite this, or because of it, they can cut through wood like a knife through butter, making petrol chainsaws good for more heavy duty work, such as logs and heavy pruning.


Ryobi 2300W Corded Chainsaw


corded chainsaw

The powerful motor combines with an Oregon bar and chain to provide an ideal chainsaw for domestic use. An anti-vibration ergonomic handle provides higher user comfort during use. Coupled with the wrap-around front handle providing comfort even in awkward positions. A tool-less chain tension system provides an easier way to maintain the chainsaw in between use, while a clear chain oil tank means you can monitor the level of oil in the chainsaw with ease.



62cc Petrol Chainsaw


petrol chainsaw

When it comes to usability, the excellent performance, two-handed grip, light weight and wrap-around handle allow you to work in a more controlled and accurate manner. The automatic chain lubrication system ensures that the chain is always lubricated while in use to minimise on downtime and keep the chain in good health. The ergonomically designed handles are fitted with anti-vibration technology to increase comfort and protect the user’s hands. 



Don’t Use a Chainsaw When:


  • You’re cutting above your head, or below your knees. Instead use a saw.
  • You’re cutting in an upwards or sideways motion. You should always cut in a downwards motion.
  • You’re working at a height.
  • You’re not wearing the proper safety clothing.
  • You’re felling large trees.


Still need help?


still need help

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