Power Team HT200 750 LPM Hydraulic Testers

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750 LPM Hydraulic Testers accurately measure oil flow, pressure and temperature on in-plant equipment, forklifts, machine tools and more. Test up to 750 litres per minute with this Power Team Hydraulic Tester.

Testing the Pump

Operator runs engine at a specific rpm and adjusts tester's pressure compensating valve to simulate a work load. By comparing meter readings with manufacturer specs, proper operation of pump can be confirmed. If oil flow and pressure do not meet Specs, the pump is faulty, Or, if test results and specifications agree, the operator will know that the problem is elsewhere in the system and that the other tests must be performed. Regardless of the component being tested, Hook-up and testing is accomplished in minutes.

Note: These hydraulic testers should always be used with the owner's manual/manufacture's specification for the system under the test.

Buy Power Team HT200 750 LPM Hydraulic Testers by SPX for only £3,890.15
Buy Power Team HT200 750 LPM Hydraulic Testers by SPX for only £3,890.15
Part Number HT200
Display Weight (Kg) 16.8 Kg
Warranty Lifetime Warranty
Brand SPX
Max Flow 750 l/min
Flow Range High: 25-200 l/min Low: 5-40 l/min
Max Operating Pressure 5000psi 345bar
Port Sizes 1/2" SAE Split Flange (must be ordered separately)