Power Team IJ119T 10 Tonne Inflatable Jack

Product Code: IJ119T

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25 mm thick un-inflated
Only 8 bar air supply required or any non-explosive gas or water can be used
Highly flexible and lightweight
Space age multi-layer aramid construction
In rugged testing jacks withstood tens of thousands of inflate/deflate cycles at 116 psi

Un-inflated Dimensions: 380 Length x 380 Width x 25 Thickness

Large surface area and material flexibility allow jacks to lift loads on soft or compressible surfaces without support cribbing being necessary.

The surface of jack has a non-skid pattern, assuring that the jack won't "walk away" from the job. Jacks can even be used to lift a load from an uneven surface and are tolerant of side-loaded applications.

Field-replaceable nipples are made of tough steel with internal thread to prevent abrasion damage. The ideal needle aperture of 6.4 mm allows rapid inflation without risk of icing, and permits a safe lowering speed.

Note: The jack does not include hose assemblies.

Buy Power Team IJ119T 10 Tonne Inflatable Jack by SPX for only £918.79
Part Number IJ119T
Display Weight (Kg) 4 Kg
Warranty Lifetime Warranty
Brand SPX
Capacity (Tons) 10 Ton

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