JCB JCB-TH32515 2.5 Tonne Low-Profile Double-Pump Trolley Jack

Product Code: JCB-TH32515

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The JCB-TH32515 is a robust, low-profile and double-pump hydraulic trolley jack designed to offer a maximum lifting capacity of up to 2.5 tonnes in weight.

Constructed with a high quality and heavy-duty steel frame, the JCB-TH32515 is capable of lifting SUVs, cars, light commercial vehicles and any other vehicle which requires high ground clearance up to 505mm in height.

The JCB-TH32515’s chassis utilises an extra low-profile design, which allows the trolley jack to reach lower clearances, particularly useful for sports cars or vehicles with reduced ground clearance.

Thanks to its double-piston design, the JCB-TH32515 is a quick-lift trolley jack, which will save you precious time and effort in comparison to a single-piston counterpart.

This JCB trolley jack is also equipped with durable swivel rear wheels and a saddle to provide smooth manoeuvring and positioning of the jack, while its integrated protection rubber pad will protect vehicles from getting scratched and damaged during lifting.

With safety in mind, the JCB-TH32515 features a built-in safety valve to protect against overloading and exceeding the jack’s capacity, as well as a hydraulic oil by-pass system, which safeguards the ram from over-extension.

For added convenience, the JCB-TH32515 comes equipped with a practical magnetic tool tray where the necessary tools and components for the task in hand can be securely placed.

Features and benefits:
- 2.5 Tonne Maximum Load Capacity
- Maximum Height 505mm
- Minimum Height 75mm
- Double-piston, quick-lift feature saves you time and effort when pumping up the trolley jack
- Extra low-profile design allows the jack to reach lower clearances, beneficial for sports cars or vehicles with reduced ground clearance
- Protection Rubber Pad: Includes a pad to protect the vehicle from scratches or damage during lifting.
- Heavy-Duty steel construction provides stability and endurance
- Swivel rear wheels provide smooth maneuvering and positioning
- Swivel saddle provide smooth manoeuvring and positioning
- Built-in safety valve protects against jack overloading
- Hydraulic oil by-pass system protects ram from being over-extended
- Net Weight 28.6

Technical specifications:
- Min Height: 75 mm
- Max Height: 505 mm
- Lifting Capacity: 2.5 T
- Net Weight: 28.6 kg
- Dimensions: 156 x 353 x 738 mm (H x W x L )

Buy JCB JCB-TH32515 2.5 Tonne Low-Profile Double-Pump Trolley Jack by JCB for only £143.99
Part Number JCB-TH32515
Display Weight (Kg) 28.6
Warranty 3 Year Warranty
Brand JCB
Capacity (Tons) 2.5 Ton

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