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Milwaukee 4932471559 INKZALL Black XL Chisel Tip Marker

Product Code: 4932471559

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The Milwaukee 4932471559 INKZALL Black XL Chisel Tip Marker is a great jobsite marker as it can be used on a multitude of surfaces, along with it's quick dry time markings on PVC and metal surfaces suffer minimal smudges. The increased chisel tip size allows for easier reading from a distance thanks to it's bold size. It can continue to write even after 72+ hours making it perfect for those that forget to put the lid on.

Features and Benefits

• Marker continues to write after 72+ hours of cap off time.

• Can be used on wet, oily, dusty, rusty, with debris surfaces.

• For use on concrete, wood, metal, plywood, OSB, plastic.

• Quick dry time – reduced smearing markings on PVC, metal surfaces.

• Easier to read from a distance due to the increased chisel tip sizes.


- Length: 140 mm

- Width: 35 mm

- Height: 29 mm

- Weight: 0.041 Kg

Part Number 4932471559
Display Weight (Kg) 0.041 Kg
Warranty 1 Year Warranty
Brand Milwaukee

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