Milwaukee 4932478946 Flap Disc Cera Turbo XL - SLC XL 50 / 115

Product Code: 4932478946

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New from Milwaukee, the Cera Turbo™ XL flap discs offer maximum productivity, 50% faster material removal and 2x longer lifetime vs bonded discs. The discs feature flaps that protrude 10mm, ideal for grinding down fillet welds. These ceramic hybrid discs also have a natural fibre backing pad and are an excellent choice for applications such as grinding steel and stainless steel.

Features and benefits:

• Highly flexible: perfectly adjusts to working piece.

• Low heat development: no metal discolouration, especially on stainless steel.

• Best for ferrous metals, stainless steel V2A (1.4301) / V4A (1.4401) and non-ferrous metals (aluminium, titanium, etc.)

• Made in Germany

Technical specifications:

- Bore size: 22.2 mm

- Disc diameter: 115 mm

- Grit: 40

- Type: SLC XL 50 / 115

Part Number 4932478946
Warranty 1 Year Warranty
Brand Milwaukee
Disc Diameter 115 mm