Milwaukee M12-18SC 12V/18V Super-Charger

Product Code: M12-18SC

£145.91 £121.59

The Milwaukee 12-18V Super Charger is capable of charging batteries up to 4x faster than standard Milwaukee chargers, massively reducing downtime and maximizing productivity. The HIGH OUTPUT™ batteries are optimized for use with the Super Charger, each built with premium components for superior charging capability. It features the REDLINK™ Intelligence that allows the charger to communicate directly with each battery to monitor cell voltage, temperature and charge status to optimize the performance and extend the life of the pack.

Features and Benefits:

• REDLINK™ Intelligence - the charger communicates with the battery pack to ensure optimum performance and extend life

• Sequential charging - automatically charges the second inserted pack once the first pack is fully charged

• 80% charge indicator: the charger slowly flashes green when the battery reaches 80% state of charge

• Compatible with all M18™ & M12™ batteries

• Charges batteries up to four times faster

• Integrated hang holes

• Wall mountable

Technical Specifications:

- Voltage: 12 / 18 V

- Charge Time For 2.0Ah: 26 min

- Charge Time For 3.0Ah: 36 min

- Charge Time For 4.0Ah: 52 min

- Charge Time For 5.0Ah: 59 min

- Charge Time For High Output 5.5Ah: 35 min

- Charge Time For High Output 8.0Ah: 45 min

- Charge Time For High Output 12.0Ah: 60 min

Part Number M12-18SC
Display Weight (Kg) 1.5 Kg
Warranty 1 Year Warranty
Manufacturer Part Number 4932471735
Brand Milwaukee
Voltage 12V / 18V
Battery Type Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion)

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