Milwaukee Dedicated Dust Extraction For M18 Fuel 26 mm SDS-Plus Hammers With Autopulse (Body only)

Product Code: M18FDDEXL-0

£131.99 £109.99 £162.01 Save £30.02

Revolutionize Your Work Environment with Advanced Dust Collection Technology
Experience a new era of dust collection efficiency that will transform the way you work. Our cutting-edge system has been meticulously engineered to provide an unparalleled solution for dust management, enhancing both your workspace cleanliness and overall performance.

Compatible with: M18FH,  M18FHX, M18ONEFH, M18ONEFHX

AUTOPULSE™: Redefining Dust Collection

Introducing AUTOPULSE™, a groundbreaking feature that sets new standards in on-tool dust extractors. This industry-first automatic filter cleaning mechanism optimizes air flow efficiency and significantly prolongs the lifespan of your filter. With AUTOPULSE™, you can trust that your tools will consistently perform at their best, even in dusty environments.

Exceptional Filtration with HEPA Precision

Our highly efficient HEPA filter captures an astonishing 99.97% of airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns. This means you can breathe easy knowing that even the tiniest particles are being effectively contained, creating a healthier work atmosphere.

Transparent Dust Box for Uninterrupted Workflows

Stay in control with our translucent dust box, offering real-time visibility of the dust level. No more guesswork – you'll know exactly when it's time to empty. This feature is all about keeping you focused on what matters most: your work.

Seamless Integration, Maximum Flexibility

For larger cleanups, our dust box comes equipped with a vacuum port. This port allows you to connect to larger dust extractors, such as our AS 30 LAC 30 l model, using the DEK26 hose clip adapter (4931447295). This synergy ensures efficient and thorough cleanup after every task.

• Precision Tailoring for Optimal Performance
• Swap out nozzles effortlessly to match different drilling diameters. 
• Illuminate Your Workspace, Enhance Productivity
• Bright LED workspace illumination means you'll never miss a detail, even in dimly lit areas. This enhancement not only improves accuracy but also boosts overall productivity.
• Unleash the Full Potential with Compatibility
• Our system is fully compatible with M18 ONEFHP and M18 ONEFHPX hammers. This seamless integration ensures that your workflow remains uninterrupted and hassle-free.
• Transform your workspace with our advanced dust collection solution. Experience the future of cleaner, more efficient work – your tools and your environment will thank you.

Buy Milwaukee Dedicated Dust Extraction For M18 Fuel 26 mm SDS-Plus Hammers With Autopulse (Body only) by Milwaukee for only £131.99 Buy Milwaukee Dedicated Dust Extraction For M18 Fuel 26 mm SDS-Plus Hammers With Autopulse (Body only) by Milwaukee for only £131.99
Part Number M18FDDEXL-0
Display Weight (Kg) 2.1
Warranty 3 Year Warranty
Brand Milwaukee

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