Milwaukee ONE-KEY Bluetooth Tracking Tag - BTT - 10pcs

Product Code: BTT-10

£298.67 £248.89

Keep tabs on any item in your MILWAUKEE® ONE-KEY™ inventory effortlessly. Simply pair the TICK™ with your selected item and take advantage of ONE-KEY™ integrated tool tracking to pinpoint the location of your misplaced product. This device is fully compatible with all ONE-KEY™ integrated tool tracking and inventory management features, ensuring seamless integration into your workflow.

Designed to withstand the toughest jobsite conditions, the TICK™ boasts an IP68 rating and can endure temperatures ranging from +60 °C to -20 °C. With a 3-year run time and a built-in non-replaceable battery, there's no need to stock up on batteries, providing convenience and efficiency.

Locate a specific item, even if it's not visibly seen, using the new built-in speaker with an impressive beacon range of up to 90 meters. The TICK™ operates with 5 seconds duty cycles and utilizes NFC for data retrieval to troubleshoot. Additionally, the QR code enables a two-step activation process, allowing tracking when Bluetooth® isn't functioning and swiftly identifying a specific item within the ONE-KEY™ software.

Stay informed about your item's status with the accelerometer, which will alert you if the item has been in use or moved from its designated location. The TICK™ features solid, one-piece construction, ensuring a robust and durable product for reliable performance.


• Track with any item in your MILWAUKEE® ONE-KEY™ inventory.
• Fully compatible with all ONE-KEY™ integrated tool tracking and inventory management features
• IP68 - withstands toughest jobsite conditions
• Withstands temperatures from +60 °C to -20 °C
• 3-year run time with built-in battery
• Find an item thats not visible, with the new built-in speaker
• 90 m beacon range
• 5 seconds duty cycles
• Advanced tracking features within the ONE-KEY™ Bluetooth® software
• Accelerometer movement alerts
• Solid, one piece construction makes for a strong and durable product

Part Number BTT-10
Warranty 3 Year Warranty
Manufacturer Part Number 4932459349
Brand Milwaukee
Gender Unisex
Age Group 16+ y/o

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