Mountfield Electress 38 Li Kit Cordless Lawnmower

Product Code: 291382063/M21

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The Mountfield Electress 38 Li stands out as a breath of fresh air, equipped with cutting-edge Powered by STIGA E-Power 20 Volt Lithium-ion batteries at its core. This hand-propelled lawnmower, powered by 2 x 4Ah batteries, coupled with advanced motor technology, excels in energy efficiency.

Featuring a generous 38cm cutting width and a centralized lever enabling you to adjust cutting height across 6 positions, ranging from 25-75mm, this mower offers versatility for your lawn needs. The eye-catching polypropylene chassis in Mountfield red is not only visually appealing but also durable and rust-proof.

Cuttings are efficiently directed into the rear 40-litre grass collector, and the handles fold over for convenient storage. Grooved wheels provide superior traction, and with its lightweight design (12.24kg), this mower is highly maneuverable and easy to handle. Free from the constraints of a mains cable or the inconveniences of petrol fumes, it provides a pleasurable alternative to electric or petrol equivalents, transforming lawn maintenance into a joy rather than a chore.

Backed by a 5-year warranty and featuring 2 x 4Ah batteries and a charger, this mower is a clear winner. Suitable for gardens up to 350sqm, its runtime, dependent on conditions, is an impressive 25 minutes when using both batteries.

As the largest battery mower introduced in the new 2021 Freedom 100 range, the Electress 38 Li, with its 38cm cutting width and powered by 2 x 20V 4Ah batteries, is compact, lightweight, and effortlessly maneuverable—an ideal choice for medium-sized gardens.

* Power Source: Lithium-ion Battery
* Electric motor power: 550 W
* Battery Voltage: 20 V
* Battery Included: Yes
* Working Area (with supplied batteries): 350m²
* Working Time (with supplied batteries): 25 minutes
* Cutting width: 38 cm
* Cutting Method: Collecting
* Roller: No
* 4 in 1 cutting system: No
* Mulching function: No
* Deck material: Polypropylene
* Cutting height adjustment: Centralised
* Cutting height positions: 6 positions
* Cutting height range: 25 - 75 mm
* Driving: Push
* Collector capacity: 40 L
* Collector type: Hybrid
* Wheels: 140/170 mm grooved wheels
* Front handle: Yes
* Adjustable handlebar: Yes
* Pack dimensions (LxWxH): 680 x 400 x 400
* Product weight: 13.4 kg
* Product length: 1439 mm
* Product width: 435 mm
* Product height: 914 mm
* Warranty: 5 Year

Part Number 291382063/M21
Warranty 5 Year Warranty
Brand Mountfield

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