Mountfield MMT 2605 (5 in 1) Petrol Gardern Multi Tool

Product Code: 287120153/M16

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Introducing the Mountfield MM2605 Multi-Tool, a versatile and efficient system designed to handle various garden tasks. This all-in-one package includes a Tap & Go nylon head, metal blade, hedge trimmer, pole pruner, and extension shaft, making it a comprehensive solution for diverse gardening needs.

Key Features:

  • Versatile 5-in-1 System: The MM2605 combines multiple tools, including a Tap & Go nylon head, 3-tooth metal blade, 40cm reciprocating hedge trimming head, 25cm chainsaw pruning head, and a 70cm extension pole, providing flexibility for different garden jobs.

  • Powerful Engine: The entire system is powered by a 2-stroke 25cc Mountfield Powerhead, ensuring reliable and efficient performance across all tools.

  • Chainsaw Pruning Head: The 25cm chainsaw pruning head is perfect for cutting back branches, adding a practical solution for tree maintenance.

  • Reciprocating Hedge Trimming Head: The 40cm reciprocating hedge trimming head, equipped with dual-action laser-cut blades, efficiently cuts hedge growth up to 20mm in diameter.

  • Extension Shaft: The extension shaft is a valuable addition for those with high hedges or trees, providing extended reach for pruning and trimming tasks.

  • Easy to Use: Lightweight and easy to use, the MM2605 is suitable for various gardeners, and the interchangeable heads make it simple to switch between tools.

  • Convenient Features: The system includes a Tap N'go nylon line head for grass trimming, and the 3-tooth metal blade is ideal for handling rougher areas with weeds and grass.

  • Single Harness: The MM2605 comes with a single harness for comfortable and secure use during extended periods of operation.

  • Warranty: Backed by a two-year warranty, providing assurance of the product's durability and reliability.

The Mountfield MM2605 Multi-Tool is a versatile solution for garden enthusiasts, offering a range of attachments to tackle different tasks. Whether you're trimming, pruning, or cutting back branches, this all-in-one system is designed to make your gardening endeavors more efficient and enjoyable.

Product Dimensions with various attachments
Length of Unit as a Pole Pruner - 207cm
Length of Unit as a Pole Pruner with extension pole - 277cm
Length of Unit as a Hedge Trimmer - 226cm
Length of Unit as a Hedge Trimmer with extension pole - 296cm

For advice on the garden tool best suited to your requirements please call our Technical Helpline on 0800 669 6325 or contact your local Mountfield Dealer who will be happy to advise you.

What's in the box
MM2605 - 5 in 1 Petrol garden multi tool
Nylon cutting head
Metal blade
Single harness
Hedge trimmer attachment
Pruner attachment
Extension shaft
Socket spanner
Plastic bottle

Specification Mountfield MM2605 Petrol Multi-Tool 5-in-1:
* Engine: Mountfield
* Capacity: 25.4cc
* Power: 0.7kW
* Tank Capacity: 0.65 Litres
* Loop Handle
* Single harness
* Cutting head: 2mm line
* Brushcutter blade: 3 tooth
* Hedgecutter: 40cm
* Pruner: 10"
* Extension pole: 70cm
* Warranty: 2 years

Part Number 287120153/M16
Warranty 2 Year Warranty
Brand Mountfield

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