SGS 1/2" Heavy Duty 880Nm Air Impact Wrench | 7 Pcs Wheel Nut Socket Set

Product Code: SAT101-S7

£106.79 £88.99
Ideal for many trade and serious DIY applications, the SGS 880Nm impact wrench and 7 piece deep drive socket set will enable you to rapidly remove and replace even the toughest of nuts. This wrench and socket set is ideal for use with wheel nuts, engines, gear boxes and transmission fasteners. This air impact wrench has three forward and reverse speeds so you can stay in full control of your work piece.

880 Nm max torque and a free speed load of 7000 RPM. 

pumpOperating pressure pf 90 psi, 6.5 SCFM required.
pumpSturdy positive rubber grip & three torque settings. 
Durable, safe and built to the highest of engineering standards, SGS air tools are a dependable addition to your workshop. Included with this bundle is a set of 7 colour coded deep drive sockets for wheel nuts. Made from high-quality chrome molybdenum, and designed with polymer protection sleeve for fastener protection, expect years of faithful service from this kit. This set includes 17mm, 19mm, 21mm, 22mm, 23mm, 24mm and 27mm sockets 1/2"DR* 9mm 110N-m 1/2"DR*10mm 153N-m 1/2"DR*11mm 170N-m 1/2"DR*13mm 249N-m 1/2"DR*14mm 282N-m 1/2"DR*17mm 475N-m 1/2"DR*19mm 565N-m 1/2"DR*21mm 570N-m 1/2"DR*22mm 570N-m 1/2"DR*23mm 570N-m 1/2"DR*24mm 570N-m 1/2"DR*27mm 570N-m Covered by a 2 year extended warranty.
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Part Number SAT101-S7
Display Weight (Kg) 4.2 Kg
Warranty 2 Year Warranty
Brand SGS
Air Outlet Euro Quick Release
Max Torque 880 Nm

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