SGS 30 Litre Stainless Steel Wet and Dry Vac with Power Tool Adapter

Product Code: SWV30

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Introducing the SGS 30L Stainless Steel Wet & Dry Vac! Elevate your cleaning experience with the cutting-edge SGS 30L!

Boasting an advanced 1400W motor, this vacuum cleaner offers unparalleled suction power, effortlessly handling both wet and dry messes. Bid farewell to dirt, dust, pet hair, and spills as the SGS 30L simplifies your cleaning tasks, making them efficient and hassle-free. Its sleek design and intuitive controls make it a dependable and robust companion for all your cleaning needs. 

Key Features:

Versatile Wet/Dry Functionality: From accidental spills to deep carpet cleaning, it effortlessly vacuums liquids and eliminates dirt and dust from any surface.
Large Capacity: The SGS 30L boasts a generous capacity for holding dirt, debris and liquids. Spend less time emptying the container and more time cleaning!
Easy Maneuverability: With its ergonomic design and smooth-rolling wheels, the SGS 30L glides effortlessly across any surface. Navigate with ease for thorough cleaning.
Convenient Attachments: The SGS 30L includes a range of attachments such as a crevice tool, brush, and floor nozzle, enabling effective cleaning for various tasks..
Durable Construction: Crafted with premium materials, the SGS 30L is built to withstand regular use and deliver reliable performance for years to come.

Supplied in the box:
1 x 1.8-meter long flexible hose with a diameter of 38 millimeters
2 x Extension wands
1 x Cartridge filter
1 x Disposable dust bag
1 x Floor nozzle
1 x Crevice nozzle
1 x Utility nozzle

Technical specifications:

- Power output: 1400 W
- Supply Voltage: 220V-240V, 50Hz
- Overall drum capacity: 20 L
- Wet capacity: 22 L
- Dry capacity without bag: 23 L
- Air flow capacity: 40 L/sec
- Cable length: 5.5 m
- Sound pressure level: cca. 85dBA
- Mobility: 4 base-mounted castor wheels
- Switch type: On/Off
- Plug included: Onboard UK Plug
- Dimensions: 640mm x 375 mm x 365 mm ( W x D x H )

Part Number SWV30
Warranty 2 Year Warranty
Manufacturer Part Number EM19403E-8A
Brand SGS
Max Power Output (W) 1.4kw
Voltage 240V
Wet/Dry Capacity 30L
Tank Size 30 Litres
Power Source Electric