SGS Garage System 5 Drawer Roller Cabinet

Product Code: SWS1305W

£329.99 £274.99

Drawers serve as ideal storage for small and medium sized tools and accessories, which is why this 5 drawer roller cabinet for our range of garage systems is a must have. The top 2 drawers are a perfect match for bits such as sockets, drill bit sets and spanners, while the remaining 3 drawers have been evenly divided to provide storage for similarly sized tools such as drill drivers and impact drivers.

In addition to great storage, this unit adds the benefit of mobility via its four caster wheels with locking mechanisms on two of them.

The cabinet is used to its full potential when it is integrated in a garage system setup, but can serve as excellent mobile tool storage on its own.

Features and benefits:

• Perfect integration with our range of garage systems.

• Four smooth caster wheels with two featuring locking mechanisms.

• Key lock for added security.

• Sturdy heavy gauge steel construction.

• Drawer liners to prevent tools from slipping and rattling.

• Smooth roller bearing sliders make access a breeze while adding durability

• Stylish brushed metal finish with metallic handles.

Technical specifications:

- Overall dimensions: 863 mm (H) x 646 mm (W) x 458 mm (D)

- Drawers internal dimensions:

1, 2: 525 mm (W) x 404 mm (D) x 55 mm (H)

3, 4, 5: 525 mm (W) x 404 mm (D) x 133 mm (H)

Part Number SWS1305W
Warranty 2 Year Warranty
Brand SGS
Number of Drawers 5
Dimensions 525 mm (W) x 403 mm (L) x 53 mm (D)