SGS Garage System Sink Unit With Tap And Soap Dispenser

Product Code: SWS1300C

£435.59 £362.99

This component for the SGS Garage Storage System is comprised of a floor cabinet with a sink basin, tap and soap dispenser fitted in a stainless steel frame at the top, and a cabinet with double doors layout for easy installation and access. The unit fits seamlessly within our modular garage storage system and is ideal for workspaces where frequent washing is required.

Features and benefits:

• The unit includes a stainless steel tap, soap dispenser and wash basin.
• Easy access for installation via a double door front layout.
• Spare space under the sink for storage.

Technical specifications:

- Dimensions (not including tap): 950 mm (H) x 679 mm (W) x 458 (D)
- Dimensions (including tap): 1305 mm (H) x 679 mm (W) x 458 (D)
- Wash basin dimensions: 630 x 450 x 250 mm

Part Number SWS1300C
Warranty 2 Year Warranty
Brand SGS