SIP 03574 Advanced Battery Charger GX15

Product Code: 03574

£159.10 £132.58

The SIP Advanced Battery Charger is the ultimate tool for charging, support and diagnostics, combining intelligent charging, maintenance, supply, reconditioning, and testing in one process.

Features and benefits:

• 12v/24v output voltage, 15A output current

• Energy-efficient charging for high cost savings

• Multi-step microprocessor-controlled charging

• Integrated alternator and battery test features

• Automatic maintenance mode on all batteries

• Suitable for ATVs, motorcycles, cars, vans, boats, trucks, and HGVs for versatility in all applications

• Perfect for Lead Acid; AGM, GEL (+Ca-Ca), WET, EFB Start-Stop, and all LiFePO4 battery types

• Reconditioned, supply, test, lead, lithium modes

• Supplied with quick connector, clamps, eyelets

• High-quality advanced digital interface

• Fitted with reliable spark protection

• Swiss design / 3 year warranty


- Output Voltage: 12 V / 24 V

- Output Current 15 Amp

- Charging Steps: 10 STEPS

- Input Voltage: 230 V

- Cable Length: 2000 mm

- Protection level: IP20

- Dimensions: 210 mm x 180 mm x 65 mm (H x W x D)

- Weight: 0.62 Kg

Part Number 03574
Display Weight (Kg) 0.62 Kg
Warranty 2 Year Warranty
Brand SIP
Voltage 230V

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