SIP 05709 Welding & Cutting Table

Product Code: 05709

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The SIP Welding & Cutting Table is designed to accommodate all types of welding and metalwork applications, with an expansive work area and storage space for accessories and consumables.

Key Features:

• 528mm x 944mm x 70mm total worktable area

• Suitable for all welding and cutting applications

• Expanded metal grate inside the table frame

• Integrated pan to collect both slag and sparks

• Extra pegs for MIG welding torches and guns

• Includes ground tab for the ground clamp

• U-hook for storing cables and helmet

Technical specifications:

- Table Size: 528mm x 944mm x 700mm

- Designed For: Welding / Cutting

Part Number 05709
Warranty 1 Year Warranty
Brand SIP