SIP 08970 CW2000 Electric Cold Water Pressure Washer

Product Code: 08970

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The SIP 08970 CW2000 Electric Cold Water Pressure Washer has a twist-on high pressure nozzle head as well as a twist-on turbo nozzle head to allow for easier assembly and de-assembly. It also comes with a clip-on foam/detergent assembly to allow the user to clean with more than just water. The hose is 6 metres long providing plenty of reach to get to them far away spots.

Features and Benefits

• Lance with interchangeable nozzle heads
• Twist-on high pressure nozzle head
• Twist-on turbo nozzle head
• Clip-on foam/detergent assembly
• Foam bottle included
• 6 metre hose
• Wheel Mounted


- Voltage: 230 v (13 A)
- Pump Type: SIP Axial
- Motor Power: 2.7 Hp / 2 kW
- Turbo Pressure: 276 Bar / 4000 Psi
- MAX. Pressure: 140 Bar / 2030 Psi
- Water Flow Rate: 360 Litre / Hour
- Detergent Tank: No
- Sucks Water: No
- Weight: 14.5 Kg


1 x SIP 08970 CW2000 Electric Cold Water Pressure Washer

Part Number 08970
Display Weight (Kg) 14.5 Kg
Warranty 1 Year Warranty
Brand SIP
Voltage 230V
Power 2 kW
Max Pressure Output (Bar) 140 Bar
Power Source Electric
Max Flow 360 Litre / Hour

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