SIP 09215 Fireball Turbofan 3001 Electric Fan Heater

Product Code: 09215

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The SIP FIREBALL Turbofan 3001 Electric Fan Heater is perfect for heating small workshops, garages, shops and offices. It's compact and lightweight design offers great portability when needed most in the colder months. Using Positive Thermal Coefficient (PTC) technology, the ceramic-based element delivers exceptional heat transfer for safe and powerful heating, whilst thermostatically-controlled auto cut-off helps to reduce wasted energy and meet Energy-related Products (ErP) compliance.

Features and Benefits:

• Compact and lightweight design for great portability

• Positive Thermal Coefficient (PTC)

• Powder-coated painted finish

• Variable heat power setting

Technical Specifications:

- Setting Fan: 25 w

- Setting Heat: 1400 / 2800 w

- Approx. Heating Area: 280 mtr³/hr

Part Number 09215
Warranty 2 Year Warranty
Brand SIP