SIP CHARGESTAR D15 Battery Charger

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SIP Chargestar D15 Battery Charger

The SIP CHARGESTAR D15 Battery Charger is a compact and portable digital battery charger designed for charging all types of 12v lead acid batteries. Featuring an intelligent microprocessor with 6-step automatic charging cycle, the CHARGESTAR D15 makes battery charging easier, faster and safer. Applications & uses: Ideal for battery charging applications in automotive and workshop environments.

Versatile battery charger suitable for a variety of 12v lead acid batteries.This includes WET, MF, EFB, AGM and CaCa battery types. Charging capacity of up to 220Ah and maintenance capacity of 300Ah.

Microprocessor-controlled charger maintains healthy long-life battery performance. An intelligent 6-step cycle automatically diagnoses battery condition and voltage before beginning a charging cycle. Once battery capacity is full, the unit stops charging and a control panel light is displayed. If the voltage is less than 3v, the unit prevents charging as battery recovery will not be possible. 'Boost - Fast Charge' mode delivers 5mins of continuous 15A charge. A convenient 12v DC socket is purposed as an external 7A power supply. Supplied with 2x 1.2mtr leads and clip clamps. LED display screen and intuitive soft touch control panel. Compact and lightweight design with carry handle for easy movement between use.

Built-in safety and protection features maximise user safety. Anti-spark system prevents sparks when connecting the clips to the battery terminals. Reverse polarity and overcharge protection ensure the unit operates only when correctly connected. Fitted with an overheat alarm to prevent charger damage. This automatically restarts once cooled.


12v voltage charging output.
Charging capacity of up to 220Ah max. rated.
Microprocessor-controlled automatic 6-step charging cycle.
Battery low voltage detector >3v.
LED display screen and intuitive soft touch control panel.
Compact and lightweight design with carry handle.

Technical Data

Input Supply: 220v - 240v 50-60Hz, 220w max.
Input Fuse: 10A.
Charging Voltage: 12v DC.
Charging Current: 2A / 6A / 10A / 15A.
Battery Low Voltage Detector: >3v.
Charging Steps: 6; Fully Automatic Charging Cycle.
Battery Types: All 12v Lead Acid (WET, MF, EFB, GEL, AGM).
Battery Capacity: 2Ah - 220Ah (Charging) / 220Ah - 300Ah (Maintenance).
Temperature Range: 0°C - 40°C.
Protection Level: IP20.
Weight: 1.5kg.
Dimensions HxWxD: 220 x 220 x 115mm.

Part Number 03506
Warranty 2 Year Warranty
Brand SIP
Voltage 12V