SIP FIREBALL XD350 Gear Pump Diesel/Paraffin Space Heater

Product Code: 09598

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SIP FIREBALL XD350 Gear Pump Diesel/Paraffin Space Heater

Designed to quickly and effectively heat large-sized workshops, garage spaces and warehouse areas. Featuring an integrated thermostat for regulating heat output and a remote sensor to accurately determine target temperature, the XD350 safely delivers powerful and continuous heating. Applications & uses: Ideal for heating large-sized workshops, garage spaces and warehouse areas.

Integrated thermostat delivers flexible temperature control. LED displays indicate room temperature alongside target temperature. Target temperature is adjustable using an infinitely variable dial. Tethered from the control panel, the additional remote sensor accurately determines target temperature. Once target temperature is reached the heater will switch off, helping to reduce wasted fuel and ensure Energy-related Products (ErP) compliance. The internal safety overheat thermostat prevents damage to the heater.

Durable construction and heavy-duty components ensure long product life. This includes a heavy-duty Danfoss gear pump, stainless steel combustion chamber and a cast aluminium fuel nozzle holder, which ensures efficient fuel transfer and effective heat distribution. External fuel filter provides easy access for maintenance and servicing. Powder-coated finish for added durability. Separate gauges indicate air pump pressure and fuel level.

Rugged full-frame design for added protection. Sturdy steel frame helps protect heater against work area damage and aids mobility.

Fitted with heavy-duty pneumatic tyres for outstanding mobility. Full movement on a variety of work area surfaces and is easy to move when not in use.


Integrated thermostat for flexible temperature control.
Remote sensor for accurate target temperature setting.
Heavy-duty gear pump for efficient fuel transfer.
Rugged full-frame design for increased protection.

Technical Data

Input Supply: 230v (13A).
Motor Power: 550w (0.74hp).
Fuel Type: Diesel / Paraffin / Kerosene.
Pump Type: Gear Pump.
Max. Heat Output: 350,000 BTU/hr (105kW).
Approx. Heating Area: 2460mtr3 (86,874ft3).
Fuel Tank Size: 80ltr.
Approx. Fuel Consumption: 9.5ltr/hr.
Dimensions HxWxD: 750 x 590 x 1155mm.
Weight: 38.8kg.

Part Number 09598
Warranty 2 Year Warranty
Brand SIP

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