Stanley FMHT1-51277 FatMax Antivibe All Steel Curved Claw Hammer 20oz

Product Code: FMHT1-51277

£29.58 £24.65

The Stanley FatMax Antivibe All Steel Curved Claw Hammers have a one-piece forged construction for durability and balance.

The hammers have an Antivibe tuning fork to dampen vibration and a soft grip for comfort and control.

Features and benefits:

- FatMax Antivibe All Steel Curved Claw Hammer

- One-piece forged construction for durability and balance

- Anti vibe tuning fork to dampen vibration

- Soft grip for comfort and control

Technical specifications:

- Head Weight: 20oz.

- Face Style: Smooth

- Claw Type: Rip

- Face Diameter: 33mm

- Grip Type: Rubber

- Shaft Material: Steel

- Weight: 570g (20oz)

Supplied with:

1 x Claw Hammer

Part Number FMHT1-51277
Warranty 1 Year Warranty
Brand Stanley

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