Stiga MT 100e Kit Cordless Garden Multi Tool

Product Code: 271724218/UKS

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The MT 100e Kit, equipped with a 20V 4Ah battery, stands out as an adaptable and lightweight multi-tool that eliminates the need for precarious ladder climbing to tend to tall bushes and trees. With 70 minutes of cutting time and 20 minutes of pruning time on a single charge, this versatile battery-powered tool ensures efficiency and safety. The soft grip handle incorporates the compactly designed battery, contributing to a balanced and comfortable feel during operation.

Designed to revolutionize pruning and cutting tasks, the MT 100e Kit offers effortless handling and maneuverability. The streamlined 55cm telescopic shaft, when extended up to 2.75m, enables users to reach heights nearly equivalent to those of an average two-story house. The multi-tool, when attached to the harness, accommodates either the hedge trimmer or pruner saw attachment, providing a comprehensive solution for various gardening needs.

The hedge trimmer, featuring a 45cm laser-cut blade with 18mm spaced teeth and a 112° rotating cutting head, effortlessly handles overhead trimming, even on medium-thick branches. For pruning tasks, the high-quality bar and chain navigate tight spaces with ease, and the automatic oil pump ensures smooth operation of every pruner component. The MT 100e Kit is the ideal solution for users seeking a safe, efficient, and versatile tool to tackle pruning and cutting tasks at various heights without the need for ladders.

* Power source: Lithium-ion battery
* Power: 0.28 kW
* ePower: Yes
* Suggested battery capacity: 4 Ah
* Battery capacity: 4 Ah
* Battery kit: Included
* Motor type: With brushes
* Power (hedger function): 150 W
* Power (pruner function): 280 W
* Maximum motor speed: 2500 rpm
* Voltage: 20 V
* Lithium battery nominal energy: 72 Wh
* Hedger working time (+/- 20%): 70 min
* Pruner working time (+/- 20%): 20 min
* Cutting length: 415 mm
* Blade length: 455 mm
* Blade type: Dual action
* Blade teeth speed: 2600 spm
* Teeth distance: 18 mm
* Bar type: Sprocket nose
* Bar length: 20 cm
* Bar length (inches): 8 in
* Chain type: 3/8" .050" (91PJ033X)
* Chain speed: 5 m/s
* Chain oil tank capacity: 0.115 l
* Chain tensioning system: Quick side tensioning
* Handle type: Rear handle
* Shaft tube diameter: 26 mm
* Hedger attachment: Yes
* Telescopic handle extension length (min): 55 cm
* Harness: Yes
* Pruner attachment: Yes
* Battery charger: Single standard
* Battery charger output current: 2 A
* Battery charger plug type: Europlug (Type C)
* Pack weight: 5.23 kg
* Product length: 2540 mm x width: 90 mm x height: 170 mm
* Product weight: 4.67 kg

A 5-year manufacturer's warranty (T&C's apply).

Part Number 271724218/UKS
Warranty 5 Year Warranty
Brand Stiga

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