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SGS 3 Petrol Water Pump - 7 HP 1000 LPM

Product Code: SWP80

£139.98 £116.65
Introducing the new SGS 3" Petrol Waterpump - the perfect choice for bringing or draining water. Transfer large volumes of water quickly and effortlessly. Runs independently with its petrol-powered 4 stroke single cylinder engine. Ideal for emptying ponds, swimming pools and floods.

Cast iron volute and impeller, quick release couplers and durable and lightweight design make this pump ideal for site applications where mains power supply is not available.

We provide a strong steel frame to protect the pump from accidental damage. The frame also makes the whole pump easy to carry. With a 7 HP 4-stroke petrol engine, the water pump will achieve the maximum delivery height of 30 m, offering a high flow rate up to 60 m³ / h. Featuring 80mm inlet/outlet.

You are able to start up the machine by turning the switch on and pulling the starting cord. Then it will help you transfer large volumes of water quickly and effortlessly.

Total size: 48 x 37 x 42 (L x W x H)
Inlet / Outlet diameter: 80 mm
Rated power: 7 HP
Rated speed: 3600 rpm
Fuel tank capacity: 3.6 L
Max. Head: 30 m
Max. Suction head: 8 m
Max. Flow rate: 60 m³ / h
Noise emission: 111dB Covered by a 2 year extended warranty.
Buy SGS 3 Petrol Water Pump - 7 HP 1000 LPM by SGS for only £139.98
Part Number SWP80
Display Weight (Kg) 28
Warranty 2 Year Warranty
Brand SGS
Tank Size 3.6 Litres
Engine Type 4-Stroke Engine

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