Teng Tools 1/2in Torque Wrench 40 - 210Nm

Product Code: 1292AG-EP

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The Teng Tools 1/2" Torque Wrench, with a torque range of 40 - 210Nm, is a precision tool designed for accurate tightening in a variety of applications. Its features include an in-built angular gauge for simplified after-tightening procedures and a click-type mechanism that signals when the preset torque is achieved, ensuring precise torque application. The wrench also comes with an additional ft/lb reference scale for added convenience.

Markings on the tool guide users to the correct point for applying pressure, enhancing the accuracy of torque application. The twist-locking facility ensures that the set torque is securely maintained, preventing unintended adjustments during use. With a reversible 24-teeth ratchet mechanism (DIN3122) offering 15° increments, the torque wrench is specifically designed for right-hand (clockwise) fasteners. Accurate to +/- 4%, it adheres to ISO6789 standards, guaranteeing reliable and consistent torque accuracy.

Each torque wrench is assigned its own individual certification number, emphasizing its reliability and traceability. The set is neatly packaged in a handy storage case, promoting organized and accessible tool management. The Teng Tools 1/2" Torque Wrench is a precise and dependable tool, suitable for those prioritizing accuracy and quality in torque applications across a broad range.

Part Number 1292AG-EP
Warranty Lifetime Warranty
Brand Teng Tools

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