Milwaukee 4932459893 60cm Redstick Concrete Level

Product Code: 4932459893

£74.94 £62.45

The Milwaukee 4932459893 Redstick Concrete Level is ideal for an accurate, clear reading. The level is easy to read due to the SHARPSITE™ Vial Technology which provides clear readability with a magnified bubble and high-visibility vial spirit. This accessory is highly durable thanks to impact protection and abrasive resistant. Ergonomic keyhole profile delivers continuous grip across entire level. Wide magnesium base for enhanced screeding functionality and cleanability with dedicated working edges including a rounded and a squared bottom edge for cutting and finishing concrete. The bottom edge of the level is rounded and squared for cutting and finishing concrete.

High contrast vial system is easy to clean and optimises visibility, vial surrounds are optimised for screeding applications and cleanability.

Length - 60cm
Vials Rating - Rated for 1/8 ” & 1/4“ (1% & 2%)

Part Number 4932459893
Display Weight (Kg) 2.1
Warranty 1 Year Warranty
Brand Milwaukee

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