SGS 2 Tonne Car Trolley Jack

Product Code: TJ2

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For any under car maintenance it’s essential that you will need a car jack. Whether you’re replacing a car tyre, doing a quick oil change or some brake repairs having your own car jack makes completing your own maintenance one hundred times easier. The 2 ton car trolley jack we supply at SGS has a two ton maximum lifting capacity and is both EU and German GS certified for product safety.


 Two ton maximum lifting capacity.

handleConveniently integrated carry handle.
wheelIndustrial hydraulic pump with relief valve.

The short wheel chassis makes it a handy piece of kit and ideal for keeping inside your boot so you can safely lift your vehicle off the ground even in an emergency. Its 130-345mm lifting range makes it ideal for a number of different vehicles and the integral carry handle makes it easy to lift.

Having a car trolley jack that you can rely on and trust is crucial as there have been some serious accidents when people have either not used their jack properly or have used a faulty one and been left with life threatening injuries. With the 2 ton trolley jack from SGS you can feel confident that your vehicle is safely supported whilst you attach the axle stands.

Max Capacity: 2 Ton
Min Height: 135mm
Max Height: 340mm

Covered by a 2 year extended warranty.
Buy SGS 2 Tonne Car Trolley Jack by SGS for only £28.79
Buy SGS 2 Tonne Car Trolley Jack by SGS for only £28.79
Part Number TJ2
Display Weight (Kg) 9.6
Warranty 2 Year Warranty
Brand SGS
Capacity (Tons) 2 Ton
Saddle Diameter 40mm (inside) 60mm (outside)

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Lifting and working under a vehicle is an essential requirement for any home garage. Without the right lifting equipment, it can be very dangerous. Learn how to safely lift a car jacks and trolley jacks with this selection of handy how-to guides from our experts here at SGS Engineering:

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