SGS 0.5 Tonne Vertical Telescopic Transmission Jack

Product Code: TJV500

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This professional quality telescopic transmission jack allows delicate adjustment when taking out a gearbox and realigning during replacement. Designed and built to exacting specifications, this jack is perfect for removing, installing and transporting most vehicle parts and raising and lowering transmissions and gearboxes in both front and rear wheel drive vehicles. Suitable for cars, and small light commercials trucks. This versatile jack can also be used for raising and lowering petrol and fuel tanks.

The jack when fully retracted is 1100mm and 1900mm when fully extended. The wide chassis provides extra stability and enables the saddle to drop lower than standard design jacks. The pedal pump and release valve allow you to position the transmission exactly as required. Four castors for extra manoeuvrability in confined spaces.

Capacity up to 500 kg
Robust hydraulic cylinder
4 castors
Robust construction
Dimensions (assembled) 84 x 84 x 114 cm Covered by a 2 year extended warranty.

Buy SGS 0.5 Tonne Vertical Telescopic Transmission Jack by SGS for only £113.20
Part Number TJV500
Display Weight (Kg) 30
Warranty 2 Year Warranty
Brand SGS
Capacity (Tons) 500 kg

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