Product Code: RUCKVAC-110

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Why use the V-TUF RuckVac? = Easy to get in and out of difficult tight, or confined spaces quickly and easily, while picking up every micron of dirt of the floor with the super-powerful strong suction!


Lightweight is key! That is why the RuckVac-110 industrial offers maximum comfort and perfect fit for the operator, so wearing/carrying the RuckVac-110 for a long period of time is no longer a problem, with the ergonomically designed back support and harness with flexible shoulder straps and waist harness assures a secure fit for the operator. Being extremely lightweight, using the V-TUF 110v RUCKVAC Backpack Vacuum ensures the user can get the job finished without pain or fatigue providing a quick and easy clean-up, and helping increase your cleaning productivity throughout your shift.


V-TUF 110V RUCKVAC BackPack Vacuum (RUCKVAC-110) provides ample powerful suction for all demanding cleaning tasks, whilst being lightweight (5kg), easy to wear, and super comfortable.


With H13 Hepa Filtration, the RuckVac-110 is guaranteed to protect you and your team against dust & harmful particulates with 99.9% extraction efficiency. The Industrial RuckVac Back-Pack Vacuum Cleaner is the perfect cleaning partner for professional contract cleaners and DIY enthusiasts alike. Offering limitless cleaning, in all areas, of all building types, including stairs and long corridors. Make sure to use the RuckVac bags.



Part Number RUCKVAC-110
Display Weight (Kg) 6.5kg
Warranty 1 Year Warranty
Manufacturer Part Number RUCKVAC-110
Brand V-TUF
Voltage 110V
Gender Unisex