SGS Two Heavy Duty Hydraulic Wheel Skates - 680kg Per Skate

Product Code: WSHD2000

£191.99 £159.99 £239.99 Save £48.00

Our two vehicle positioning heavy duty hydraulic wheel skates are superbly designed and well-built with rigid steel frames, this ensures they can stand up to any job you have to throw at them.

Unlike competitor models these wheel skates have anti-mark, easy roll wheels - not only helping you move the vehicle but also preventing unsightly marks on garage floors.

These skates have a reinforced contact point between the vehicle and skate - manufactured from aluminium rather than plastic.

You can use the skates as a pair and thanks to their heavy duty caster wheels they allow you easy movement with full 180° pivot, making it easier for you to move vehicles in any direction. As well as this their hydraulic pedals can smoothly and quickly lower or raise your vehicle.

Built with a rigid steel frame these jacks have a 680kg capacity or 1360kg when used as a set of two. Suitable for tires up to 270mm wide or 10 1/2 inches. 160mm from ground to wheel nut – (lowest position).

Specifications (per skate):

Lifting Capacity - 680kg

Maximum Opening - 625mm

Maximum Tyre Profile - 270mm

Caster Wheel Diameter - 100mm

Weight of one Skate - 17kg

Covered by a 2 year extended warranty.

Buy SGS Two Heavy Duty Hydraulic Wheel Skates - 680kg Per Skate by SGS for only £191.99
Buy SGS Two Heavy Duty Hydraulic Wheel Skates - 680kg Per Skate by SGS for only £191.99
Part Number WSHD2000
Display Weight (Kg) 36
Warranty 2 Year Warranty
Brand SGS
Capacity (Tons) 680 kg

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