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Gas Struts, Trolley Jacks, Tool Chests, Air Compressors, Hydraulic Press and more...

Based in Derby, SGS Engineering (UK) Ltd has over 30 years of experience manufacturing and supplying high quality tools and equipment. As well as distributing for select brands such as SPX Power Team we are the largest manufacturer of gas struts in the UK and carry a huge range of our own garage equipment such as air compressors, tool chests, trolley jacks, hydraulic shop presses and engine cranes. With a focus on quality at the right price our products are used by the general public and industry alike, both domestically and abroad.

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Gas struts

Gas Struts & Fixings

Browse our range of fixed and adjustable force gas struts available in nitride plated or 316 stainless steel.

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Car bonnet and boot/tailgate gas struts

Car Gas Struts

Replacement struts for car boots and tailgates. We also supply struts for commercial vehicles.

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Tool chests and cabinets

Tool Chests and Cabinets

Professional, workshop and DIY tool chests and cabinets with ball bearing sliders and drawer liners as standard.

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Air compressor

Air Compressors

Ideal for DIY and trade applications such as spray-painting, nailing, stapling, sanding, drilling, cutting and grinding.

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Petrol generator

Petrol Generators

Heavy duty petrol generators to provide off-grid electrical power for a variety of uses.

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Car trolley jacks

Trolley Jacks

Our trolley jacks are built for tough daily use in garages, workshops and at home. Quick lift, high lift ...

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Axle stands

Axle Stands

Pin and ratchet type axle stands. Never work under a load without these vital pieces of safety equipment.

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Hydraulic jacks

Bottle Jacks

General purpose, Power Team heavy duty, low profile, telescopic and miniature bottle jacks.

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Hydraulic workshop press

Workshop Press

Class-leading hydraulic presses from SGS and Power Team, with a lifetime warranty and free next day delivery.

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Engine cranes

Engine Cranes

Lift an engine clean out of its bay with minimum effort using our 1 and 2 ton engine cranes.

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Engine & gearbox stands

Engine Stands

Our 450kg and 650kg heavy duty engine stands accepts a wide variety of engines and gearboxes.

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Car wheel dolly

Wheel Dollies

Wheel dollies are perfect for manoeuvring a vehicle into tight spaces in a showroom, garage or workshop.

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Car creepers

Car Creepers

Gain easy and comfortable access to the underside of vehicles without the aid of ramps.

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Wheel chocks

Wheel Chocks

Stop your car from rolling while you are using a jack for under car maintenance with a pair of our wheel chocks

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Petrol chainsaw

Garden Tools

Make light work of gardening tasks with our chainsaws, strimmers, lawn mowers, leaf blowers and more

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Torque wrenches

Torque Wrenches

SPX hydraulic torque wrenches, pumps, bolt tensioners, nut splitters and torque tools with a lifetime warranty.

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Hydraulic cylinders

Hydraulic Cylinders

SPX Power Team hydraulic cylinders for industrial lifting, pushing and pressing applications.

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Hydraulic punches, nut splitters, spreaders

Hydraulic Tools

Hydraulic Nut Splitters, Punches, Spreaders and C-Clamps from Power Team with a lifetime warranty!

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Hydraulic pumps

Hydraulic Pumps

Suitable for powering a wide range of tools and equipment. Includes hand, air and electric powered.

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Bearing pullers

Bearing Pullers

Power Team hydraulic and mechanical bearing pullers and pushers. Lifetime warranty!

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