Gas Strut Applications

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Gas struts for marine use

Marine Gas Struts

Gas struts for hatches, boom kickers, steps, radar arches, covers, roof lights ...

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Car gas struts for boots, bonnets and tailgates

Car Gas Struts

Gas struts for bonnets & boots, including up rated struts for bike racks and spoilers.

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Machinery gas struts

Industrial Gas Struts

Replacement gas struts for factory machinery such as machine guards and panels.

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Hatch gas struts

Hatch Gas Struts

Replace old gas struts or fit struts to any panel, hatch or guard.

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Gas struts for campervans

Camper Van Gas Struts

Gas struts for camper van roofs, tailgates, bonnets, cabinets, beds & awnings.

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Gas struts for caravans

Caravan Gas Struts

Caravan gas struts for front lockers, doors, beds & windows.

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Gas struts for motorhomes

Motorhome Gas Struts

Motorhome and RV gas struts for lockers, beds, doors, luggage storage...

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Gas struts for Pick Up hardtops canopies

Hard Top Gas Struts

All makes of pickup hardtop, snugtop and canopy gas struts supplied.

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Gas struts for lift up beds

Bed Gas Struts

Gas struts for lift up ottoman style beds, or fit gas struts to new bed with our mechanism.

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Furniture gas struts

Furniture Gas Struts

Easy opening and closing of lids, flaps and hatches, with safe holding capabilities.

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Kitchen cupboard and cabinet gas struts

Kitchen Gas Struts

Kitchen cupboard, microwave cabinet and door gas struts for around the kitchen.

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Gas struts for rooflights

Roof Light Gas Struts

Gas struts for Hahn, Heki and other makes of roof lights found on caravans and motorhomes.

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Agricultural vehicle gas struts

Agricultural Gas Struts

NitroLift gas struts provide a comfortable, maintenance-free solution to a wide range of lifting requirements.

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Commerical vehicle gas struts

Commercial Vehicles

Industrial specification gas struts for the lifting and lowering of bonnets, boots, tailgates, seats...

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Plant machinery gas struts

Plant Gas Struts

Maintenance-free, ergonomic solutions to lifting problems on almost any industrial vehicle or application.

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